About The Box

Everyone loves to receive a gift. The anticipation of opening up a beautifully wrapped package and peeking at what’s inside has always brought smiles to faces.

Imagine now what it would be like if every time you opened that box you weren’t just finding a gift, but opening up a portal to a different universe of experiences. A climb to a mountaintop, an imaginary land filled with fantastical creatures, a deserted island or front row at Fashion Week.  Now you can experience all of these things from the comfort of your home.

Presenting THE BOX

A special place in Virtual Reality to receive, open and collect gift boxes that guide you to different worlds.

With our first free ‘Winter Preview’ gift box, the walls of your virtual space unfold to reveal a storybook landscape filled with snowflakes, stars, musical constellations, an adorably detailed mother bear and her mischievous cub who join for a fireside drum circle.

1_far 4_sky 5_fire


And this is just the beginning.

2016 will see a number of amazing new experiences delivered to you virtually from 8ninths and its partners.

So download THE BOX App from the Gear VR Store, put on your headset and prepare to be whisked away to a fairytale land that will keep you smiling from ear to ear.

The 8ninths Team.